Level 1&2

Welcome to the Junior School 

With the provision of a safe and stimulating learning environment, Level one and two students at Blackburn Lake Primary School are given a range of opportunities encouraging them to take risks with their learning.During the Early Years,teachers provide differentiated lessons that cater for each child’s ability to ensure they reach their full potential.Students are encouraged to become independent and self-regulated learners. Our units of study address the learning outcomes of each subject. Teachers use a variety of teaching styles and methods to promote different ways of thinking, applying their knowledge of the curriculum in many different ways to ensure each student’s learning is supported.

At Blackburn Lake Primary School we have a whole school commitment to English. In the Early Years, we deliver a two hour English block each day where children focus on the development of reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. Each child is carefully monitored and provided with explicit teaching so that they can be suitably challenged. The Early Years Literacy Program at Blackburn Lake includes a structured reading program which involves small focus groups, whole class participation and opportunities for students to work individually as well as collaborate with their peers.Students participate in a vast range of literacy activities including guided reading, listening posts, reading games, vocabulary activities and independent reading tasks.
Students in Level one and two are exposed to a variety of writing styles that promote creativity and understanding. They experiment with different genres and develop a deeper understanding of the writing process: plan, draft, edit and publish.
Word Study continues to be an integral part of the English block and daily activities allow students to continue to expand their understanding of high frequency words and increase their knowledge of simple and complex spelling patterns.Students are encouraged to communicate in both formal and informal situations. Speaking and Listening experiences in Level one and two allow students to develop their confidence when addressing an audience.At Blackburn Lake Primary School, we also offer Reading Recovery for students requiring additional support.
At Blackburn Lake Primary School we provide children with an awareness of mathematics as it relates to the world in general. It is important that children use mathematics in situations, which are relevant for them. These situations provide opportunities for students to construct their own knowledge of mathematics through conversation, use of materials and thinking about and representing maths in their own way. We provide an effective whole school approach for enhancing students’ mathematics learning. There are three major areas of study in Mathematics: Number & Algebra, Measurement & Geometry and Statistics Probability. 

Integrated Studies 
Level one and two students participate in a wide range of learning experiences involving a variety of learning styles. When presented with simple problems, students work with peers to develop a range of creative solutions and when prompted by questions, they reflect using thinking processes.Students use thinking tools including, brainstorming, Venn diagrams, Ryan’s Thinkers keys and De Bono’s problem solving strategies. In their learning, students experiment with simple ICT tools and techniques and use familiar websites and iPad apps to present information and ideas in a manner that is meaningful to them.In History, students compare the past and present in order to gain an understanding about the way our community has changed over time, including traditions, leisure time and communication.
Alternatively in Science, students explore a range of concepts to develop their understanding of the physical world.The underlying philosophy of our Early Years Program is to focus on the individual needs of each child and provide learning opportunities at their level. Our aim is to encourage students to develop the skills to become life-long learners and contribute to society.