Student Leadership Voice and Agency

At Blackburn Lake Primary School we aim to facilitate and embed leadership skills into the day to day happenings of school life. Leadership in its simplest terms is ‘taking the responsibility for making a positive difference in our world and other people’s lives.’


Students have many opportunities to show leadership in the school community through our Buddies Program and Student School Council. Senior Leadership positions are available to Year 6 students in a range of roles such as; School Captains & Vice Captains, House Captains, Specialist Subject Captains, Environmental Captains and a range of Monitor positions.


We are committed to providing our students with a learning environment that inspires them to be their best. An important part of our teaching and learning program is developing Student Voice and Agency, enabling our students to be active contributors in all aspects of their learning. 


‘When students meaningfully participate in decision making about their learning, they are more likely to remain involved in education and to achieve better results’ (Victorian Student Representative Council, 2017).


At Blackburn Lake Primary School our students are given numerous opportunities to use their voice and agency: 

  • Level 1-6 Student School Council Representatives (SSC)
  • Teachers work closely with students to jointly develop assessment tasks 
  • Students Attitude to Schools Survey
  • Student Forums with the Principal