TRRAC Mascots

To solidify the TRRAC values and their associated dispositions and action statements, in late 2022, in consultation with students and the community, the following animals, commonly found in the sanctuary and around our school were selected as mascots and named for each of the school’s TRRAC values for the following reasons:


Thinking - Tawney Frogmouth – Tawori

The Tawney Frogmouth was chosen to represent thinking as Tawney’s demonstrates one of the most remarkable examples of camouflage observed in Australian birds. The Tawney Frogmouth strategically perch themselves on low tree branches during daylight hours, cleverly assimilating with the tree itself.


Respect -  Rainbow Lorikeet – Rocket

Rainbow lorikeets are well-natured, affectionate birds that are known for their friendly personalities. Rainbow lorikeets often travel together in pairs and will promptly respond to calls to fly as a flock. These behaviours constitute the reasons for the Rainbow lorikeet to be selected as a symbol of respect as BLPS.


Responsibility - Ringtail Possum – Ringo

The Ringtail possum was selected as it responsibly eats both native and introduced species. Both parents tend to the young and will responsibly work together! When the mother is feeding the male carries the young on his back!


Attitude – Ant – Ace

In addition to being Incredibly strong, ants are wonderfully resilient creatures and have remained on the earth for 160 million years. Determined as they are, ants constantly create new paths to food sources and when an established path is blocked by an obstacle, the ants bounce back and continue foraging for new routes until success is achieved. Ants personify the value of Attitude!


Caring – Cockatoo – Clifton

Cockatoos have been identified as the caring mascot as they are highly social and exhibit a range of visually observable dispositions using their facial expressions to indicate positive emotions to others. As ground feeders, they are vulnerable to predator attack and as a defence, there is always at least one cockatoo high up in a tree, caring and watching over the flock.