School Wide Positive Behaviour Support (SWPBS) is a framework that brings together our school community to develop a positive, safe and supporting learning environment. 

The evidence based framework aims to create a positive school environment by encouraging, and explicitly teaching expected behaviours which allows students and teachers more time to focus on classroom instruction and develop relationships. 

At BLPS we have developed a Positive Behaviours Matrix which clearly outlines to all students, staff and the school community the expected behaviours in all settings of the school. Our matrix is prominently displayed around the school, and has been grouped in accordance to our school TRRAC values. 

Class teachers explicitly teach the positive expected behaviours just as they teach other academic subjects. We have a consistent approach in dealing with inappropriate student behaviour as all staff follow our Behaviour Flowchart. Mistakes in behaviour are treated as learning experiences and students who show positive behaviours are acknowledged with house points. A winning house is announced at the end of each term, along with all houses working towards a whole school total. Individual students are also acknowledged weekly for positive behaviours at our whole school assembly in the form of our On TRRAC awards.