Curriculum- Physical Education (Sport)


At Blackburn Lake Primary School we believe Physical Education is an essential part of our students’ health and development. We provide a sequential Physical Education program aimed at introducing, developing and refining a range of sporting skills, values and behaviours which will enhance students’ lives. All students participate in a weekly Physical Education (PE) class which aims to encourage and promote physical activity through individual and team activities. Our sporting program has an emphasis on participation and enjoyment in an atmosphere of ‘healthy competition’. 


Each year all students participate in our House Cross Country event. Students in Foundation-Level 2 run a shorter course and earn points for their House Teams, and students in Levels 3-6 run a longer course and can be selected to represent the school in our District Cross Country team. 


Every year we offer an intensive two week swimming program. Students attend daily lessons in which all swimming skills and water safety is taught. 


Students in Level Five/Six are involved in an additional weekly sport session, as they take part in the Blackburn District Interschool Sport Program. This program focuses on skills and game strategies for both Summer and Winter sports, and is timetabled for one hour each week. 


From Level Three, students also have the opportunity to represent Blackburn Lake Primary School at other district events. These include: 

  • Swimming
  • Cross Country 
  • Athletics 
  • Hoop Time (Basketball) 



At Blackburn Lake Primary School we value every student’s contribution to sport. All students are encouraged to take pride in their accomplishments and in their improving skills, regardless of results, choosing to focus on personal best achievements each time. Good sportsmanship is most important at BLPS. A child who practises good sportsmanship is likely to carry the respect and appreciation of other people into every other aspect of their lives. Winning is worth aiming for but is not the ultimate goal at BLPS. We encourage fairness alongside enjoyment and emphasise fun and fitness whilst refining our sporting skills.