Curriculum- Italian

Benvenutti a tutti! Welcome everybody! Blackburn Lake Primary School offers students from Foundation to Grade Six the opportunity to learn Italian as part of the Languages Curriculum.


Italy is a country of unique scenic beauty and a rich cultural history spanning many centuries. 

During their weekly Italian lessons students develop their language skills through a variety of means including listening, speaking, reading, viewing, writing and visual clues. Students not only learn another language but they also learn about cultural differences associated with another language.They understand that Australian life and culture are influenced by these different ways of life. Students explore, compare and contrast this in our Italian program through:

  • Music
  • Poetry
  • Creating and Performing Short Skits
  • Dance & Role-Play
  • Clothing and Fashion
  • Sport
  • Food
  • Folklore & History
  • Art & Architecture

Italian classes at Blackburn Lake Primary School are not only educational for all students but lessons are also interesting and fun. They provide a supportive learning environment so each student can share their enjoyment for the Italian language and culture. Tasks are engaging, relevant and are directly linked to their general learning experiences.

Some other highlights of our Italian Program are:

  • Performances at Assembly
  • Participation in an annual Poetry Competition
  • A biennial Italian Week
  • Performing and sharing of work with other classes around the school