Curriculum- Visual Arts


Visual Art is an important part of the curriculum at Blackburn Lake Primary School. Lessons begin in Foundation through to Year 6 and run every week.

Two-dimensional and three-dimensional media and techniques are explored during lessons. Areas such as textiles, pottery and modelling, painting, printing, drawing, collage and construction are covered throughout the year in each level.

In the Art Room, students:

  • develop their confidence by using a variety of media,
  • explore concepts and develop ideas,
  • improve skills, techniques and processes through regular practice,
  • present their work for display and discussion,
  • develop their own critical awareness and ability to analyse art works from the past and present, and
  • become aware of cultural diversity.

Through their work, students are encouraged to explore real, imaginary and abstract ideas, as well as current cultural and historical issues. Students are given the opportunity to experiment with ideas, concepts and feelings and are encouraged to use imagination and perception to plan and create artwork.

Many artworks are linked to the Integrated Units of study in order to enhance the unit of work and to draw upon the meaningful experiences and observations of each student.All students’ work is valued and frequently placed on display for a period of time before taking it home. Student art pieces are celebrated through their display in the Art Room, in the main corridor and in the wider community throughout the year. 

A major feature of the calendar year is the Spectacular Art Show. Every student in the school participates and gains the satisfaction of seeing their work hung in a gallery setting for the whole community to enjoy.