Our School


Our Philosophy 

Blackburn Lake Primary School (BLPS) prides itself in providing an education that balances academic, social and emotional growth for all. The school motto, “learning together” reflects the high importance that is placed on making all members of the school community welcome, safe, engaged, informed and enriched.


Our Vision 

To create a safe and engaged learning community that inspires, challenges and supports all students to achieve their best to thrive and contribute to a 21st-century world.   


Our Values

Student wellbeing is a genuine priority and a platform for student success. Blackburn Lake Primary School seeks to provide a respectful and caring environment where students are encouraged to adopt a positive attitude and take responsibility for their learning and actions. Within a supportive learning environment, students are encouraged to ‘think well’ and aim for high expectations of achievement. These values are evidenced in our TRRAC values; Thinking, Respect, Responsibility, Attitude and Caring, and outlined in the school’s Code of Conduct:

  • Everyone in our school has the right to learn
  • Everyone in our school has the right to be treated with respect
  • Everyone in our school has the right to be part of a responsible community
  • Everyone in our school has the right to have a go
  • Everyone in our school has the right to feel safe and be cared for by others

Each value is represented by a mascot and these animals can be found within our local community. 



Our Learning Dispositions 


Our five key learning dispositions provide our students with the opportunities to become successful 21st-century learners. Our learning dispositions have been carefully matched to our school values and mascots, and are embedded in all classroom teaching practices.  

School Strategic Plan

School Strategic Plan 2021-2025


Annual Implementation Plan

Annual Impementation Plan 2023


Annual Report

Annual Report 2023