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Foundation Transition @ Blackburn Lake Primary School


Starting school is a major milestone for your child and your family. At Blackburn Lake Primary School we understand that although an exciting time, it can be an emotional time and needs gentle consideration and careful preparation.


At Blackburn Lake Primary School, we want to help make the transition to primary school and our school community a smooth and positive experience for your child and your family.


We understand that the kind of experiences children have as they become familiar with their new surroundings, routines and procedures can affect their transition to school. At Blackburn Lake Primary School, through our school Transition program we aim to build collaborative partnerships between families, early years’ educators and school staff in order to support your child with their transition to our school.


Transitioning to School

Our Foundation Transition program aims to prepare children for their new learning environment and to build strong communication and positive relationships with our families.


Student Transition

We support our Enrolled Foundation students with their transition to our school through our comprehensive Transition program, which includes:

  • 3 Transition sessions in Term 3 which enable children to become familiar with our school environment and our staff and to participate in Literacy, Numeracy and Science based activities
  • 2 Transition sessions in Term 4 which enable children to become familiar with our school environment and our staff and to participate in our school specialist subject program by engaging in Art, Music, LOTE and Physical Education classes
  • 1 Transition session in Term 4 which enables children to meet their 2021 classroom teacher and peers and engage in a ‘starting school’ activity


Parent Transition

In addition to our student focussed transition sessions, we provide parent information sessions  on these afternoons that address:

  • Student Wellbeing
  • Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • Preparing your Child for School
  • Our School Community


2020 Transition Dates

Our Transition Dates for this year have been adjusted due to the CO-VID 19 Pandemic. Dates for 2020 are now:


Term 4, 2020

Session 1: Friday 16th October from 2:15pm-3:15pm

Session 2: Friday 30th October from 2:15pm-3:15pm

Session 3: Friday 13th November from 2.15pm-3.15pm

Session 4: Friday 27th November from 2:15pm-3:15pm


Supporting your Transition

In addition to these student and parent transition sessions we also:

  • Provide a ‘Being in Foundation’ transition story that answers questions about school life at BLPS in the weeks leading up to starting school.
  • Provide a School Transition Showbag which provides optional activities to support your child’s transition to school.
  • Provide a BLPS Parent Information Handbook and a Foundation Information Handbook for parent reference.
  • Visit local Pre-Schools to exchange information between pre-school and school teachers.


Starting School

As a result of our Transition program, when the children finally start school, they will have already met their Foundation teacher and be familiar with our school. Their teacher will be very aware of supporting the children and their families at this time, as will all of the staff.

To help with settling in, we provide:

  • Teacher contact details to support home / school communications
  • Half day attendance for the first week of school
  • Tea and Tissues morning tea welcome for Foundation parents on their child’s first day of school
  • Different play and lunch times for Foundation students
  • No school on a Wednesday’s for the first 5 weeks to allow for Early Years Assessment testing
  • Welcome Assembly led by our student school councillors where each student is presented with a native plant gifted by our Parent’s Association
  • Curriculum Focus in Term 1 that supports the students to develop a sense of belonging in our school community with strong connections to both teachers and peers


Our Commitment

At Blackburn Lake Primary School we are committed to providing an enriching, supportive and motivating learning environment across all year levels that challenges the school community to strive for their personal best and optimise learning opportunities for all students.


We pride ourselves on delivering an education that balances academic, social and emotional growth for all. The school motto, “learning together” encompasses the emphasis that reflects the high importance that is placed on making all members of the school community welcome, safe, engaged, informed and enriched.


Enrolling your child for Foundation 2021

Bookings for school tours for 2021 enrolments have been postponed until further notice.

Once dates have been confirmed bookings can be made by emailing our school office at:

In the meantime, you are welcome to email or post your enrolment forms and any extra documents to the school office. The email address for Blackburn Lake Primary School and our mailing address is:

Blackburn Lake Primary School

12-14 Florence Street

Blackburn, 3130

When enrolling at BLPS please provide a copy of your child’s birth certificate or passport and immunisation certificate.

Enrolment forms are available by contacting the school office 9894 2855.