Student Leadership

At Blackburn Lake Primary School we aim to facilitate and embed leadership skills into the day to day happenings of school life. Leadership in its simplest terms is ‘taking the responsibility for making a positive difference in our world and other people’s lives.’


Students have many opportunities to show leadership in the school community through our Buddies Program and Student School Council. Senior Leadership positions are available to Year 6 students in a range of roles such as; School Captains & Vice Captains, Peer Mediators, House Captains, Specialist Subject Captains, Environmental Captains and a range of Monitor positions.


To be elected to a Leadership Role at school Year six students need to go through a selection process. They must complete an application, have actively participated in the school’s Buddy program and have modelled the school’s TRRAC values.



Standing for ‘Leaders Assisting Kids 2 Encourage Respectful Students’ the year six students are selected and trained at the beginning of each year in this prestigious and valued role. The role of the L.A.K.E.R.S is to provide moral support and encouragement to other students in the yard, promoting positive day-to-day experiences for all students. L.A.K.E.R.S assist with initiating games and conversations between students in the yard and helping students find or connect with friends .


Student School Council

Student School Council is a forum that enables students to have an input into the school. Blackburn Lake Primary School recognises the position of Student School Councillor as a position of honour and responsibility. Student School Councillors are required to represent Blackburn Lake Primary School within the school community. Peer nominated Councillors are required to represent the interests of their peers and affect positive change within the school community. They take responsibility for negotiating with class teachers regular circle times to report to their class on Student School Council initiatives and to canvas their year for feedback and ideas to bring to Council. Student School Councillors demonstrate interest in local and global issues and social justice.