Values & Rights


The school’s TRRAC values encapsulate our vision for student wellbeing and student learning. Thinking, Responsibility and Attitude shape the way we approach our commitment to lifelong learning and continuous improvement, whilst our values of Respect and Caring provide a backdrop for a secure learning environment.


T: Thinking

Thinking is the ability to think well. Good thinking involves thinking skills, a thinking attitude and teaching and learning for understanding.

A culture of thinking means we aim for high expectations of achievement. It is noticeable through our questioning and problem solving. We use higher order thinking skills, critical and creative thinking as well as metacognition.

Everyone in our school has the right to learn


R: Respect

Respect is being considerate of everyone’s property, opinions, feelings, culture and differences.

Respect means the opinions and feelings of others are valued and diversity is respected within our school. Respect is noticeable by the way we value others and look after our school property and equipment.

Everyone in our school has the right to be treated with respect


R: Responsibility

Responsibility is each individual being accountable for my actions and encouraging others to do the right thing.

It is both personal and communal.

Being responsible means others can rely on me and trust me. It means we need to consider how our actions will affect others. Responsibility is noticeable as we manage our day to day activities and emotions, and control our behaviour by making good decisions.

Everyone in our school has the right to be part of a responsible community


A: Attitude

Attitude is a way of thinking or feeling about something.

Developing a positive attitude means looking on the bright side and courageously bouncing back after difficulties. A positive attitude is noticeable by the way we build on our strengths and achieve our goals.

Everyone in our school has the right to ‘have a go’


C: Caring

Caring is showing consideration and cooperation and being aware of others and how they might be feeling.

Caring means we are friendly, thoughtful and inclusive. We assist others and work together to reach our common goals. As classroom and playground friends, we look out for others and cooperate with each other to keep everyone safe. Caring is noticeable by the way we get along.

Everyone in our school has the right to feel safe and be cared for by others.