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Blackburn Lake Primary School aims to provide a broad based education, balancing academic, social and emotional growth. High importance is placed on positive relationships with all members of the school community. The school motto, learning together @ Blackburn Lake Primary School underpins the belief that the principal, staff, students and parents work together to help all students reach their full potential.


Learning Together, acknowledges the importance of: 

  • continuous learning
  • catering for individual differences in children’s ability 
  • curriculum options
  • reflective thinking practices
  • assessment to measure student progress
  • innovative and imaginative programs, including the role that technology plays in the education of children


Student wellbeing is a genuine priority and a platform for student success. Blackburn Lake Primary School seeks to provide a respectful and caring environment where students are encouraged to adopt a positive attitude and take responsibility for their learning and actions. Within a supportive learning environment, students are encouraged to ‘think well’ and aim for high expectations of achievement. These values are evidenced in our TRRAC values; Thinking, Respect, Responsibility, Attitude and Caring, and outlined in the school’s Code of Conduct:

  • Everyone in our school has the right to learn
  • Everyone in our school has the right to be treated with respect
  • Everyone in our school has the right to be part of a responsible community
  • Everyone in our school has the right to have a go
  • Everyone in our school has the right to feel safe and be cared for by others


Year Level teams support each other by taking shared responsibility of students in terms of student wellbeing and student learning. Dedicated and professional teaching teams, work enthusiastically to deliver meaningful and stimulating teaching and learning programs for all students.

Teachers are committed to nurturing and developing the whole child through carefully planned and purposeful teaching programs. Year Level planning and weekly work programs support the delivery of a developmentally appropriate curriculum. Through differential teaching practices, teachers teach to a students’ point of need. Furthermore, a wide range of social programs, clubs and a strong student leadership program enhance our student wellbeing and student learning practices.



The concept of school as a supportive learning community, with the members of the school community committed to life-long learning and continuous improvement, presents a powerful vision when built into the school culture. Providing “… an enriching, supportive and motivating learning environment that challenges the school community to strive for their personal best and optimise learning opportunities for all students” encapsulates both the school’s mission statement and our objectives.


The school has a strong commitment to creating “parent friendly schools and school friendly homes”as this results in enhanced learning outcomes.

The School Council and its sub committees ensure that parents’ views are regularly represented and expressed through an organised, cohesive and focused body. School policies are developed through the School Council and are analysed to ensure that they represent both the spirit and the culture of the school and its community.



In parallel with the School Council, the Parents’ Association (PA) works to ensure that school services are achieved. Through the organisation of fundraising projects and parent and community events, our Parent Association promotes a sense of community spirit and family connectedness.


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School Strategic Plan 2021-2025


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