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With the reputation of Blackburn Lake Primary continuing to grow, our school enrolments over the last five years have annually increased. With 50% of our families coming from outside of our “neighbourhood boundary,” School Council last year ratified a new Enrolment Policy to ensure our great school can remain so.


Last year enrolments for our Prep classes filled quickly, with some families missing out on securing an enrolment at the end of the year as they were out of our “neighbourhood zone”.


This year has once again started with a flurry of enquiries regarding Prep enrolments for 2016. School tours will begin next term each Wednesday (at 9.30am by appointment),  and existing families with siblings commencing school in 2016 are advised to lodge their application forms at the school office as soon as possible – and by August 1st to ensure enrolment. If you know of any family or friends who may be interested in coming for a school tour, please encourage them to contact the school office.



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